26 Dogs Having the Best Day Ever


by Stacie

10 months ago

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A while back we asked on our Facebook page for folks to take a video or a Vine of their pups opening their BarkBoxes. After watching the ones below over and over, we think BarkBox delivery day might actually be repairing the tumultuous relationship between dog and mailman… Of course many more BarkBox deliveries are needed to test the hypothesis. ;)

26. Remi received his first BarkBox in the mail and discovered the toys, treats, and goodies inside.

25.It’s Stella’s first box too. She wants you to OPEN IT ALREADY!

24. Stella, Tahoe, and Malibu know exactly what comes in that brown box each month.

23. Mac likes to open his BarkBox slowly.

22. Quincy likes to open his as fast as possible.

21. Luna likes to open hers juuuuuust right.

20. These Boxers are so excited to pull out all of the goodies that they’re frantic.

19. Sindaen figured out where that delectable smell was coming from.

18. Moses can’t decide which toy to play with first.

17. Twix is more of a treat gal.

16. Chester really, really likes the duck chew.

15. Ripley can’t quite figure out his Monster Ball.

14. Olivia likes to chew on hers a bit.

13. Winston can’t stop wagging his tail when the BarkBox arrives.

12. Buddy likes to use his BarkBox as a pedestal to check out all the new schtuff.

11. Lexie the lady Schnauzer likes to drop kick her mouse toy.

10. Moses ruvs the globe bouncy ball from May’s BarkBox.

9. Milo does tricks for treats.

8. Maci and Murphy think their BarkBox smells better than than a litter box of cat poo left outside in the rain.

7. Autumn is a big fan of Elton the Octopus.

6. Bentley thinks the bone this month smells extra delicious.

5. Buster wants to play and eat treats ALL DAY!

4. Hamilton Pug likes to dig in his BarkBox.

3. Schatzi wonders what she’s done to deserve such a bounty.

2. Penny mustache you one question, “But Mamz, you say dees come everry month???

1. And Casey and Juba do not like to share.

Have a Vine/video of your pup with their BarkBox? Send it to puppics@barkbox.com. :) Think your pup deserves a BarkBox? Sign up here!

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