22 Pugs Who Dress to Impress

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by Wendy Frink

10 months ago

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Funny, cute or sad? Pugs in Clothes is just one of the latest productivity-killing tumblrs.  Here are some of our favorites.

22. Overalls? Over my dead body.

21. Tuxedos class up any event.

20. Hold me closer tiny pug dog.

19. Lookit me new cap!

17. “Say what you will about turtlenecks, but I make this look good.”

16. “Yeah I swim with sharks. And I like it.”


14. “Olé! Someone get me a burrito.”

13. Buzz off.


11. “Don’t even ask.”

10. Friday is Hawaiian shirt day.

9. Always saving lives (and steaks)

8. One way to use old onesies.

7. “Does anyone know if the Roaming Gnome’s contract is up?”

6. “You’ve got to be joking.”

5. A pug is always bikini-body ready.

4. At least the pugs are happy.

3.Not exactly what Hans Christian Anderson had in mind when he wrote “The Little Mermaid.”

2.“The braids were one thing, but I draw the line a lederhosen.”

1. The cutest pug-mouse hybrid you will ever see.

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