How to Make a Tea Towel with Your Dog On It


by Stacie

10 months ago

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When I was a kid, I used to put dogs on everything. No matter what assignment my art teacher would give to the class, there was always a dog in mine. I remember one project in fifth grade where my class had to draw a still life of a milk bottle. (Ugh, so boring, right?) So I drew the milk bottle, but I also drew a window behind the milk bottle with my pup Daisy looking in. ;)


I am of the opinion that anything boring can be made interesting if you add a cute critter. There’s nothing more mundane than a dish towel and nothing cuter than our own pups. Behold: a tea towel with our very own office pups, Scout and Frida.

scout and fri

Some inspiration:


Towel 1 source, towel 2, towel 3, and towel 4.

To make the towel, I started with a white cotton tea towel and some soft fabric paint. We also have a little Scout paw print stamp in the office, so I used that to stamp paw prints all over the towel as a base. I contemplated using the real Scout/Frida’s paws, but thought that might end in some rotton Schnauzer/Shi-Poo fury.


To make the paint look clean and even, I painted the stamp with a brush after each stamp to the fabric.


Once stamped the whole towel, let it dry for a few hours.


To draw the dogs, I used an extra piece of cotton fabric and outlined the pups in pencil. Then I went over it in Sharpie and colored it in with these fabric crayons. (Then I ironed it to set it all.)


Then, I cut a little circle around the fabric with Frida and Scout on it and used a blanket stitch to stitch it to the main towel with all of the paw prints.


The final product. Hang it on your oven door to remind yourself who’s #1 around your house. ;)


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