How Dogs Say “Woof” in Other Languages


by Stacie

1 year ago

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We know that our pups have their own language full of barks and yips and wiggly noises, but did you know that dog sounds are different in every language? Onomatopoeia is awesome. Protip: Say all of these sounds out loud. :)

In English:  woof, woof; ruff, ruff; arf, arf; bow wow; yap, yap; yip, yip (small dogs)

english dog

English pup from here. 

In German: wuff, wuff; wau, wau

german dog

German pup from here.

In Turkish: hev hev; hav, hav

turkish dog

Turkish pup from here.

In Spanish: guau-guau; gua, gua; jau, jau

spain dog

Spanish pup from here.

In Afrikaans: blaf, blaf; woef, woef; keff, keff (small dogs)

south africa dog

South African pup from here.

In Russian: gav, gav (гав-гав); tyav, tyav (тяв-тяв, small dogs)

russian dog

Russian pup from here.

In Korean: meong, meong (멍멍)

korean dog

Korean pup from here.

In Japanese: wan-wan (ワンワン); kyan-kyan (キャンキャン)

japanese dog

Japanese pup from here.

In Italian: bau, bau

italian dog

Italian pups from here.

In Hindi: bow, bow

indian dog

Indian pup from here.

In Icelandic: voff, voff

iceland dog

Iceland pup from here.

In Dutch: blaf, blaf; kef, kef; waf, waf; woef, woef

dutch dog

Dutch pup from here.

In Danish: vov, vuf

denmark dog

Danish pup from here.

In Mandarin: wang, wang (汪汪)

chinese dog

Chinese pup from here.

In Albanian: ham, ham

albanian dog

Albanian pup from here.

In French: waouh, waouh; ouah, ouah; ouaf, ouaf; vaf, vaf; wouf, wouf; wouaf, wouaf; jappe jappe

French pup from here.

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