Our Favorite Pups from the Golden Bone Contest


by Stacie

10 months ago

BarkPost manager, ghostwriter for dogs. Find me on Twitter. Email stories and funny vids to puppics@barkbox.com.

A few weeks ago, we launched The BarkBox Golden Bone Contest offering one pup the trip of a lifetime to visit the BarkBox HQ in NYC and have the most awesome day a pup can dream up in the big city.

As the entries rolled in, everyone at Team BarkBox was completely blown away by the talent, cuteness, and just all-around awesomeness that everyone submitted. (There’s no way we could have imagined that the competition would be so steep!) We’ve been watching the 50+ entries over and over and over and over the past few weeks and it is *literally* paining us to choose only one winner. From the bottom of our dog-ruvin’ hearts, thank you all for taking the time to share your pups with us. ♥♥♥ Below are some of our favorite entries, in no particular order.








♥Chief Wilma Mankiller

















♥Harley & Leo

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