DIY Dog Photo Stands

dog photo stands DIY

by Stacie

1 year ago

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Cesar Millan trains his pups to to be polite. New Zealanders train their pups to drive cars. Police officers train their pups to sniff out explosives and lost children. Here in the BarkBox office, we train our pups to snuggle… And we train all plastic pups to hold photos. (So clever, we know.) ;) Keep reading to see how you can train your own menagerie of photo-holding canines.

You need:

dog photo stands DIY

Step 1: First you need to clip your plastic pups in half using the wire cutters. If your plastic dogs are a bit thicker than the ones we used, you can use a little saw to cut them in half. It is better to have a slight angle forward than to have one backwards. (Slight angle from the dog’s bum to it’s front feet. Otherwise your photo will stand crooked.)

dog photo stands DIY

Step 2: Next, line up your magnets with the dog you want to glue together. We found it helpful to mark which sides of the magnets stick together so that you don’t glue the opposing poles together.

dog photo stands DIY

Step 3: Just a little drop will do.

dog photo stands DIY

Voila! This is what it looks like from the side. (This pup’s magnet actually is at the wrong angle, though. If this dog were holding a photo, the photo would look best when the dog’s bum shows in the front.) :) If you want to get really fancy, you can bore a hole with a drill into the plastic and nestle the magnet inside.

dog photo stands DIY

Sometimes you need a dog army. (Good for especially important pictures.) Anyone see the plastic version of BarkBox Scout? :D

dog photo stands DIY

While these pups are the most loyal desk companions, they’d also  work as place holders for your formal dinners, refrigerator magnets, or funky earrings. (Maybe not the last one. ;))

dog photo stands DIY

Our magnet menagerie.

dog photo stands DIY

Happy crafting!

photo craft


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